Research in the Winey Lab

We are located on the Boulder Campus of the University of Colorado in the Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology (MCDB). Our lab is located in room B413 of the Porter building on CU's main campus.

Centrosomes / Spindle Pole Bodies Basal Bodies
Photo of Red: Gamma Tubulin, Green: Alpha Tubulin, and Blue: DNA Photo of Green: Centrin 1, Red: Alpha Tubulin
Red: Gamma Tubulin (SPB)
Green: Alpha Tubulin
Blue: DNA
Green: Centrin 1
Red: Alpha Tubulin
Microscope image Microscope image
The immunofluorescent picture (by Shelly Jones) on the upperleft and the electron micrograph (by Tom Giddings, Jr.) below it show the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae Spindle Pole Body (SPB), the functional equivalent of the centrosome in mammalian cells. The SPB forms the poles of the mitotic spindle and is required for accurate chromosome segregation in both mitosis and meiosis. In each cell cycle, along with DNA replication, the yeast cell must duplicate its SPB once and only once in order to form the bipolar spindle. Understanding how duplication of the SPB occurs is the one of the primary aims of the Winey lab. The picture on the upperright (by Tyson Vonderfecht) and the electron micrograph (by Tom Giddings, Jr.) below it show the basal bodies of a Tetrahymena thermophila cell. Basal bodies are required for the nucleation of cilia, which are essential organelles in many animal and protozoan cells. Another major aim of our lab is to understand the assembly and maintenance of the basal body.


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