William B. Wood

Distinguished Professor Emeritus

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Phone: (303) 492-6680
EXT: 2-6680
LAB: 2-2272

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Ph.D., Stanford, 1963


Research Interests:
Genetic control and molecular biology of embryonic development in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans; biology education.

Research Profile:
We study the mechanisms by which cell fates and patterns are determined during embryonic development of the nematode C. elegans, using techniques of genetics, cell biology, and molecular biology. We also study pedagogical innovations for increasing student understanding of biology in large undergraduate classes through active and collaborative learning.

Selected Publications

The left-right polarity puzzle: determining embryonic handedness.
Wood, WB PLoS Biol, 3(8):e292. 2005

Embryonic handedness choice in C. elegans involves the Galpha protein GPA-16.
Bergmann, DC, Lee, M, Robertson, B, Tsou, MB, Rose, LS, and Wood, WB Development, 130(23):5731-40. 2003